UV Flat Bed Printing

UV Printing have better results when compared to normal inkjet printing, it is also capable of printing on various types of materials.

Materials Description/Options
Tarpaulin 0.4 (380gsm) Thick fabric
Tarpaulin 0.44 (380gsm) Extra thinkness compared to TPL 0.4
NAR White Sticker  Laminate gloss/ laminate matt option
NAR Transparent Sticker Reverse print option, print for light box option, adding white ink option
Ritrama White Sticker  
Ritrama Transparent Sticker  
Translucent Sticker Print for lightbox option, print for backlit lightbox option
Synthetic Paper Laminate gloss/ laminate matt option
Road tax Add white ink option, reverse print option
Grey White Sticker  
3M 610 Reflective Add white ink option
Polycarbonate Print lightbox option/print for non-lightbox option
Acrylic White & Clear For clear: Add white ink option, reverse print option, laser cut option
PVC Foam Board Router cut option
Paper Foam Board  
Composite Router cut option
High Impact  
Sand Blasting Add white ink option

*Each material have varying price, please contact us for more info

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